Becoming A Patron

Patronage is open to all who wish to help ensure the survival of this unique part of our maritime heritage. All contributions to the Match are sincerely appreciated. The Match is run on a not-for-profit shoestring, so small contributions make an enormous difference. Corporate contributions in cash or kind can be discussed with Sue Akhurst on 07803 951008 or via A donation to the Match of £100 secures you as a Patron, via the account of:

Thames Match Committee

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Please do notify Sue at of the wording you would like as Patron on the programme and the website.

You will be joining illustrious company as a Patron, including the likes of Charles Dickens. From 1863 Henry Dodd funded most of the costs of the early Matches and bequeathed money to the Worshipful Company of Fishmongers to keep the Match alive after his death in 1881. The Match went from strength to strength, revived after the First World War for the 2nd Series, then again for the Queen’s Coronation, but Henry Dodd’s bequest ran out in 1963.

The Match was revived in 1995 for the Fiftieth Anniversary of VE Day, (the 4th Series) and the initial bulk funding came from Tate & Lyle. Today the Match is funded by a wide range of corporates and private individuals. We sincerely appreciate all support.