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If you’d like to discover more about Charles Dickens’s novel Our Mutual Friend, [with its setting on the River Thames and London], through which Henry Dodd became immortalised, please use the links below: 

Learn about Dickens, Dodd, the novel and Gravesend here 

An overview of the novel by David Purdue is here

The Wikipedia entry for the novel is here

Project Gutenberg offers a free copy of the novel [without illustrations] here

A “virtual ramble” or walkers’ guide around modern London visiting the novel’s locations as they would have been in the 1860’s is provided by the Curator of the Dickens Museum, London, here

A modern day map of London with locations mentioned in the novel marked on it is here

The full set of illustrations used in the novel can be found here

Librivox offers a free audio book of the novel and the first chapter can be listened to on-line. The full book in MP3 format can also be downloaded, see here

The Charles Dickens Museum in London is here