Thames Match 2023 – Prizes

Award forTrophyAwarded to
Champion Bowsprit  
First barge home FT Everard CupBlue Mermaid
Second placeAllied Mills CupMarjorie
Third placeRoyal Thames YC CupNiagara
First to outer mark (master)Fishmongers’ CupBlue Mermaid
Master of winning bargeHervey Benham Trophy (1/2 cup)Richard Titchener, Blue Mermaid
Champion Staysail  
First barge home          Shipowners’ Mutual CupRepertor
Second place               Tate & Lyle CupWyvenhoe
Third place                   Allied Mills Bowln/a
First to outer mark (master)Watermen’s Company ShieldGerard Swift, Wyvenhoe
Master of winning bargeJohn Kemp CupDavid Pollock, Repertor
Coasting Class  
First barge home Hays CupGladys
Second placeBlue Circle CupPudge
Third placeGravesham Rose Bowln/a
First to outer markPLA CupPudge
Master of winning bargeJim Uglow cup 1956Gary Diddams, Gladys
Handicap winnerGreene King Cupn/a
Open / Crew awards  
Master- fastest start of dayCapt. Richard Duke CupTony de Winton, Pudge
Master- fastest to markRobin Armstrong CupGerard Swift, Wyvenhoe
Master – fastest overallVeronica 1958 Cup (Chaffcutter)Richard Titchener, Blue Mermaid
Master- first barge homeReminder 1930 Cup (M Boyle)Richard Titchener, Blue Mermaid
Master-seamanship overallLondon and Rochester CupDavid Pollock, Repertor
Master-seamanship at starta second Uglow cupNo award
Master-seamanship at markMajestic 1894 rose bowlSimon Devonshire, Marjorie
MainsheetmanReminder 1934 cup (E&M Mainelli)Oli Evans, Blue Mermaid
Valued crewmanTony Ellis memorial cupRose Ravetz, Blue Mermaid
Young crew memberGill Yule CupSophia De Bont-Burgess, Marjorie
AchievementGold Belt  trophy (SSBR)Gladys, Allied Mills
Committee SupportRoy Stanbrook SalverJulian Cass, OOD 2002-present