Previous Results – 1995 to 2012

Previous Year Results (2001-2012) can be found here.

Top Level Summary (1995-2009):


[1] This represents the number that arrived off the starting line and positioned themselves to await the starting gun.

[2] The distance is to the nearest nautical mile and is nominal based on a race course following the various buoys. It is for illustrative purposes only as each  barge tacks back and forth across the river as necessary, and thus they always end up covering an appreciably greater distance.

[3] The duration is given to the nearest quarter of an hour and is for illustrative purposes. The duration is defined as being the time between the Coasting class starting time [which always starts first] and the time of the last barge [irrespective of class] in the Match to cross the finish line, by the end of the Match. This may well be a “laggard”. The MV Princess Pocahontas will not wait for this barge but will have followed the front runner[s] up to the finish line – so its passengers can expect a shorter day